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Meet Some of The Family!

Jerrod Withrow

"Sweat Bar has been a game changer for me and my family! The atmosphere that Chad gives in the gym and during classes makes us get excited for each and every workout! The work that he has done during the last few weeks to keep us on track and motivated is amazing. This gym has become a family to us! Can’t recommend it enough!"

Anastasia Flynn

"Chad and Maddy make working out FUN. They switch up the exercises, play awesome music, and get the group involved. 

 Chad is very in tune with his members and provides resources for total well-being, not just physical health. He will even check in on you to keep you accountable if you've missed more work outs than normal."

Matt Marshall

"Since becoming a member of Sweat Bar Fitness, not only do I love going to the gym to be part of the awesome culture that Chad and his Team lead, but I also love the ability to stay engaged from home as well. With so many exercises available with just one click, I’m able to easily design my own workouts and know proper form. The eMagazine and eBook are also great tools, full of content that assist me in creating and maintaining healthy habits. ”

Nicole McKinley

"I am so thankful that I decided to join the Sweat Bar family. The workouts are both effective and fun. I actually enjoy working out again!" 

Kristin Mersinger

"I am so thankful to be part of Sweat Bar Fitness. It’s a beautiful community of encouraging people who push your best self.”

Matt Tuminski

"Sweat Bar fitness is exactly what I was looking for during this pandemic. I have done a few online exercise and they were really boring. I reached out to Chad and he told me to try his cardio fire class that he does weekly on facebook. His energy and workouts were intense. Once the daily classes started him and Maddy taught me a lot of other exercises that I have never done before and it’s great to add to the arsenal. Along with the workouts, they offer weekly nutritional videos and a “cheat sheet” grocery list. I can honesty say this is the best thing that has came out of this horrible situation that we are in."

Jaclyn Holmes

"I was feeling depressed during this quarantine period, stopping my workouts because I just didn't care anymore. I forced myself back into workouts. Joining Chad's live classes and seeing my other work out partners made me snap out of it and I look forward to the challenges everyday and seeing friends! Chad's motivational and upbeat attitude really helps my moods!"

Tess Waugh

"Since joining Sweat Bar, I have learned so many new things and pushed myself more than I thought I could endure. The Sweat Bar family never judges and always motivates each other to keep going even when you don’t think you have one more rep, 5 more seconds, or one more plank left in you."

Carla & Mike Vidmar

"Sweat Bar has allowed us to workout together. We were so excited after we went to our first class! We both have very busy jobs, kids and home life so this was a GREAT outlet! Despite COVID-19, Sweat Bar has provided us with multiple ways to stay connected, accountable and we are still maintaining a fitness level that we are proud of from home. One of us loves fitness the other does not BUT Sweat Bar has provided us both with what we needed and what we were looking for together as a family. Motivation, high energy, accountable, community, affordable are just SOME of the words I use to describe Sweat Bar!"

Nicole and Debbie Kadlecik

"The Kaddy’s love SweatBar! We do it everyday and can’t thank Chad enough for recruiting us into the family!"

Natalie Russell

"Sweat Bar makes working out fun and exciting every single time I’m there! Trainers are AMAZING and full of energy. Not only is it a great place to work out BUT I have met so many great people there that I now call friends!!!"

Lisa Withrow

"After one workout at Sweatbar, I knew I found my gym. I love everything about the place. From the awesome workouts to the incredible atmosphere, amazing owners and great clients, it truly feels like family and I couldn’t ask for more. Chad makes everyone feel comfortable, no matter what your level of athleticism is. I cannot wait to get back into the gym again!! 

Kirk Mchugh

“I am so thankful for my Sweat Bar family and the memories we create together!!!“

Stephanie Pinault

"I LOVE the time that I've spent at Sweat Bar Fitness! Although I started to attend classes as a "Class Pass" gym member, Sweat Bar quickly became the only gym I wanted to attend!

Chad is an awesome trainer!!! Reminds me of my trainer from Cali. And the gym fam @ Sweat Bar has been fun to work out with!

The workouts are challenging yet every exercise has a modifier. This allows all levels to be able to push or ease into the workouts at their own pace."

Brittany Vincent

"I’m so glad I stumbled upon Sweat Bar Fitness. Chad has created such a great atmosphere and community. I never thought I would ever say that I am excited to get up and be at the gym by 5am. Sweat Bar Fitness has given me the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle!"
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